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URGENT CONCERNS - Safeguarding Children

The school’s policies relating to keeping pupils safe such as our Child Protection Policy, Government Guidance and other relevant documents can be found on the policies page of this website. Further information relating to keeping safe on the internet can be found on the e-safety tab (in the ‘Header’ menu above).

  • If you think that a child is in immediate danger, dial 999.

  • If you are concerned about a child’s safety or wellbeing, please speak to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Leads; Mrs Buckland-Garnett or Ms Laver or, if you are worried that a child is being abused or neglected, call the Children and Familes' Hub on 0345 603 7627 (out of hours 0845 606 1212).

  • If you are concerned about a member of staff’s behaviour, please ask to speak to the Headteacher; Mrs Buckland-Garnett

  • If you are concerned about the Headteacher’s behaviour, please ask to speak to the Chair of Governors in confidence.

  • Our Safeguarding Governors are Mrs S Scullion and Mrs C Lim. Please ask at the office or ring 01245 322258 during school hours, if you would like them to contact you.

  • Report non-urgent child sexual exploitation to the police by dialling 101.

  • For reporting concerns about on-line inappropriate materials use the CEOP button (teachers can help with this) To find out more see

  • For ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ documentation (translations available) CLICK HERE.

An informative leaflet for Essex parents on how to spot if your child is being sexually exploited and what to do about it. CLICK HERE for a copy.

Further useful sources of information can be found on the online safety tab, top right on this page.

How we can help you in school!

Help for Parents:

We hold a wealth of information and can point you in the right direction such as support groups, parenting groups, childcare, clubs in the town, our local food bank, School Nurse etc. Whether it’s coping with difficult behaviour, advice on eating, playing, bedtimes or pocket money, we are here to help. Please ask our friendly office staff to arrange for you to speak to one of the Phase Leaders or, if the matter is confidential, Mrs Minister or Mrs Buckland-Garnett. (see also the drop down list on the top left of this page)

Help for children:

Sometimes children find it difficult to speak to parents if they feel that they might worry too. In school we will inform you if we feel that your child is worrying about something. Please encourage your child to tell an adult at school if they have a worry. (You can always ring us if you need to add some detail without your child being aware.) Please don’t be afraid to ask for help. (see also the drop down list on the top left of this page)

Lunchtime Club

For some pupils, a whole lunchtime of unstructured play is just too long! We offer pupils, “Lunchtime Club”, where children can eat their lunch together, with an adult and their friends, whilst developing their social interaction skills and table manners. After, they can choose to play inside with toys or go outside or do a combination of both. If you feel your child would benefit from lunchtime club or would like to find out more, please speak to Mrs Minister.

Children’s Counselling

Collingwood works closely with The Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society to provide counselling and support to children and their families, regardless of their beliefs, who may be experiencing various difficulties. Please speak to Mrs Buckland-Garnett or Mrs Minister if you feel that your child would benefit from this service.

T.L.C. Meetings (Termly Learning Conference) are an opportunity to discuss:

  • your child’s wellbeing;

  • the latest assessments for your child and the progress they have made;

  • how you can support your child’s next steps in their learning;

  • any other questions or concerns.

Do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher, via their school email, if you wish to ask any questions about the progress your child has made since these discussions. You do not have to wait until a formal meeting! (teacher emails are

Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service

On behalf of Essex County Council and the NHS, Virgin Care and Barnardo’s provide a range of child and family services throughout Essex that are free at the point of delivery.